Live Scoreboards API beta release!

What is it?
  • We provide a really simple way for you to get sports data
Like what?
  • if you need to know what teams were in the premiership in 2008
  • if you want to know which matches are on today
  • if you need to know the starting eleven for Stoke City V Manchester United
  • if you need live match scores
Who's it for?
  • do you run a football website, and need a reliable feed of quality sporting data?
  • do you want to display player line-ups for today's fixtures?
  • do you write iPhone apps and need the latest premier league scores?
  • do you create a sports trivia apps and need a real-time dataset?
  • do you have a neat idea, and need sports data?
The techy bit
  • the Live Scoreboards API is based on a RESTful architecture, making it super easy to integrate with, whilst allowing future flexibilty to add new sports and features in an incremental fashion
  • responses are formatted in JSON
  • you need a valid API key to be able to call the service
What sports are available? The initial BETA release of the API covers all major football leagues, including
  • The Barclays Premier League
  • League One
  • League Two
  • La Liga
  • The Championship
  • Serie A

With more sports to follow shortly, we will be at the leading edge of sporting scores, stats, and other metadata.

How do I get started? What does it cost?
  • the service is free*, so there's no reason to not give it a go!
*this will be subject to change in the future